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Citizen's precautions before machining work

 Before the machinery and equipment work, we should check whether there are any problems with the equipment, so that we will not have a major failure during use and cause the equipment to stop, which will reduce the output, so today we will take a look The precautions of Citizen's scheming machine before work.

 I hope you can carefully understand the instructions for using our Citizen's scheming machine. Let's get to know it quickly. I hope you can have some understanding of Citizen's scheming machine through this understanding.

  • (1) Check the lubrication of each part, and make each lubricating circuit get sufficient lubrication, check whether the mold installation is correct and reliable, and check whether the compressed air pressure is within the specified range.
  • (2) Check whether the switch buttons are sensitive and reliable. Be sure to disconnect the flywheel and clutch before turning on the motor, allowing the press to perform several idle strokes, and checking the working conditions of the brake, clutch and operating parts.
  • (3) Check the main motor for abnormal heating, abnormal vibration, abnormal sound, etc., add lithium-based ester oil to the slider with a manual oil pump, and check and adjust the feeder roller gap to the process requirements.
  • (4) Check and keep the oil volume of the lubricator up to the specified requirements. When the motor is started, check whether the flywheel rotation direction is the same as the rotation mark.

Going heart machining brings a different kind of work experience to the factory

The development of the times has brought new machinery and equipment to various processing factories, and the use of new equipment has made many factories feel a different work experience. For precision metal processing factories, the use of go-to-machine equipment gives them a different experience. Let’s take a look at what is different in the process of walking machining.

The processing process is more convenient

The processing factory uses the walking machine equipment for processing work, and you can feel the processing process is more convenient. The core processing machine is more convenient mainly because the overall structure of the mechanical equipment is simpler than other processing equipment, and the equipment has more complete functions. The traditional processing work needs to use multiple equipment to complete, now it only needs to use one walking machine equipment, so the operation process of the equipment is greatly facilitated.

Higher precision of processed products

The machining parts processed by the core machine are reduced because of the reduction of the man-made operation procedures of the mechanical equipment, and at the same time, because the number of replacement parts of the equipment during processing is reduced, thereby reducing the value of the working error and greatly improving the product Accuracy.

Reduces the cost of processing

The cost of processing by core-moving machine is lower than other processing methods. Because the walking machine equipment can replace multiple equipment for processing work, the number of equipment purchases has been reduced a lot, and it can also save the mechanical area of ​​the processing plant.

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