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The improvement of technology makes the double-spindle walking machine have more advantages

Compared with other lathes, the double-spindle centering machine is more adaptable. The equipment adopts a linkage synchronous guide sleeve structure to ensure the synchronous rotation of the guide sleeve and the spindle.

It is especially suitable for stainless steel processing. The synchronous guide sleeve bearings use angular contact ball bearings.

 In addition, The spindle speed and feed speed of this equipment are larger than other types of machine tools, which provides the possibility of increasing the cutting volume, and it is very convenient to replace the processed workpieces, thereby reducing the machine's downtime and naturally increasing the effective processing time.

Let's take a look at the advantages of the dual-spindle scoring machine in the development of these years:

  • 1. The double-spindle core machine can complete the card installation at one time, or complete many processing procedures separately, so that the product manufacturing process chain can be shortened in a certain procedure. This advantage will bring a series of advantages and assistance The time is less, the manufacturing cycle of the tooling fixture is shortened, and the operator does not have to wait for a long time as before. This kind of work efficiency will definitely improve.
  • 2. Since the walking machine can ingeniously reduce the number of clamping, to a certain extent, the processing accuracy is improved and the error accumulation caused by the positioning reference is avoided. At the same time, the bar material is axially fed through the central guide sleeve, and the cutting point of the tool is close to the mouth end of the guide sleeve, eliminating the deformation of the bar material under the turning pressure of the tool, thereby improving the accuracy of the product.

The PTJ double-spindle core moving machine is equipped with high-speed precision synchronous guide sleeves, so it can complete large-scale precision machining of steel and stainless steel parts to achieve high-speed cutting of high-grade parts. It is equipped with a three-axis drilling function to complete the drilling of the part shaft end. Hole and tapping processing, and for customer parts, the core machine can be equipped with a power tool function module with front and side drilling and milling functions to complete the precision drilling and milling of various shafts. 

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