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Aerospace Machining

 To stay at the forefront of aircraft engine component design and manufacturing, the CNC machines used must perform to the highest standards. At PTJ, we’ve worked alongside manufacturers in the aerospace industry for over 25 years. We understand that choosing the right equipment is a critical decision, and partnering with a machinery provider who has the expertise to deploy and support large and specialized machining solutions is even more important.

Whether your applications involves vertical turning, horizontal boring, or 5-axis machining capabilities,PTJ offers a wide range of equipment and capacities that are ideal for machining jet engine components with multifaceted geometries and tight tolerances.

Jet engine assemblies require complex structural parts of various sizes, often made of temperature resistant and lightweight materials. This takes specialized machinery that can maintain high forces with high accuracy over extended travels and large work envelopes . . . the kind of equipment that PTJ delivers with unsurpassed installation and support experience.

Cross section of turbofan jet engine isolated on white background. 3D rendering image with clipping path.

PTJ is a leader in providing the following machining capabilities that are critical to aircraft engine component manufacturing:

  • Thin wall machining
  • Complex milling & turning
  • Exotic material machining
  • Hard turning & milling
  • Large envelope CNC machining
  • And more…

Our industry has high standards, and PTJ will get your project done right and on budget. Our knowledgeable team is here to help—from start to finish. Whether your interior aircraft machining project requires support structures like frames, legs, and spreaders, or detailed cosmetic touches on tables (and more), our industry experience allows us to react fast and meet strict requirements.

Give our aircraft cabin machined parts a try! let to start the conversation about our cnc machined aircraft parts, or get a quote.

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