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Talking about some processing skills of walking machine

 We all talk about machining by heart machining, and we have been pursuing the machining skills of CNC machining. The so-called skills are mainly fed back in two aspects. One is the efficiency of processing, and the other is the stability of processing. 

It is closely related to the output value brought by the scoring machine manufacturer. Next, let's talk about some processing techniques of scoring machine together, let's take a look.

  • A. Improve the processing efficiency of the walking machine:
  • B. Before the cutting process, a high-productivity reverse turning is used to implement the final processing of the outer diameter of the workpiece. The one-time completion of the knife is beneficial to reduce vibration.
  • C. The final CNC core machine mainly completes the final finishing on the sub-spindle. This process of the core machine belongs to inner diameter processing, but it can also be outer diameter processing

The final process of cutting is completed on the main spindle, and the two spindles are close to each other, the surface finish will be better, and the smaller the overhang of the part, the better.

Increase the stability of the core machining process

  • A. Generally, when using core machining, it is necessary to perform internal turning and drilling on the main spindle, and use the support of the guide sleeve to the bar to improve the stability of core machining.
  • B. Secondly, turning the outer circle on the main spindle, the best full depth of cut is completed in one pass, which can shorten the cutting time and improve the stability of processing.
  • C. Milling is required again, and face milling is preferred. In addition, the power and stability of the rotating shaft of the core machine are limited. Therefore, the lower the cutting force of the core machine, the better. The end face milling of the core machine can meet this demand.

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