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Automotive Machining

 For automotive companies to remain profitable in a highly competitive market, adaptability is a critical characteristic. Often times, this need requires PTJ to handle large heights and weights, while holding precision tolerances on high quantities.

PTJ has been servicing the automotive industry’s demand for high volumes of parts with swiss machining parts and shaft machining, in the shape of 9 axis machining,precision machining and swiss turning. Not just shaft, but also the rapid repair and modification of non-functioning or broken parts.

Since the inception of PTJ, the company has worked hand in hand with leading global players within the automotive sector. We are proud of this long standing relationship and continue to provide machining solutions for this sector as technology moves forward seeking ever higher levels of efficiencies.

Our experienced team are able to work with various types of material and undertake the most complex drilling requirements in order to satisfy the ever changing automotive landscape meeting the required quality standard and laid down lead times.

Whether we are supplying a machine for production, pre-drilled blanks for customers to finish, or a complex machined and assembled turnkey part, we take pride in the precision and quality of the workmanship we offer, not only nationally but globally.

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