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Medical Machining

 PTJ is a medical manufacturer, specializing in precision swiss machining of implantable devices.

PTJ  provides custom components to OEMs in medical device markets. We have a state-of-the-art facility with some of the most advanced equipment available, however it's the employees at PTJ that have helped us acquire our successful reputation of providing exceptional service and high quality parts which are delivered on time. It's the commitment we make to helping our customer's succeed that enabled us to earn our reputation as an expert in medical device machining and manufacturing; beginning at prototyping and into small to large production orders. Through our rapid prototyping equipment, Swiss machines, high speed multi-axis milling centers, precision CNC machining, and wire EDM, products of the highest quality are machined with the exactness you need in the medical industry. Partnerships with companies of any size, based on quality and dependability, provide customers with an experienced, focused, driven manufacturing service that helps you become a leader in your industry.

Our manufacturing expertise is focused within the medical market, creating components for orthopedic devices, spine, cardiovascular, endovascular devices, pelvic and trauma. Our machine technicians are highly trained, experienced, and driven towards helping our customers succeed. The attention to detail and part accuracy is matched by an exceptional on-time delivery rate. Customers are provided with innovative machined components alongside committed customer service to create a partnership that will last for years.

PTJ is located dongguan, China centrally located in the heart of humen. For more information on our company and our manufacturing solutions, contact us! We look forward to providing you with the innovative medical and custom components you need.

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