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Precision machining manufacturers explain the mold parts in precision machining

 Mold accessories refer to the general term for metal accessories used in stamping molds, plastic molds or FA automation equipment in the mold industry. The company focuses on tooling fixtures, precision parts processing according to drawings and samples. 

Among the mold parts inserts, which ones are Shili and more professional products? Let the precision machining manufacturers explain to you.

Mold accessories assembly

Mould accessories include: punches, punches, guide posts, guide sleeves, thimbles, cylinders, steel ball sleeves, no oil guide sleeves, no oil slides, guide post components and other common types. There are three main types, one is plastic mold parts, the second is hardware stamping mold parts, and the third is non-standard automation equipment parts.

Mould accessories thimble

Inserts refer to irregular mold accessories used in the mold to be embedded in the mold, and play the role of fixing the template and filling the space between the template. The inserts can be square, round, or sheet type, but the requirements for precision are also very high. Generally, there is no finished product, and it is customized according to the needs of the mold. The insert has the functions of exhaust, convenient processing, easy replacement, and easy control of important dimensions.

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