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China's precision machining technology reaches world standards

 Precision machining technology is a key technology for equipment manufacturing. If a country's industrial precision machining technology is exquisite, the country's manufacturing equipment manufacturing industry will also be very advanced. 

In the past, due to the backwardness of precision parts processing technology and equipment in our country, it was impossible to process precision parts with small diameter, high precision and complex surface shape, which seriously affected the technological progress in related fields in my country.

Since the 1980s, after our country’s reform and opening up, a large number of talents and equipment have been introduced, coupled with the continuous hard work and independent innovation of our country’s own enterprises for more than 30 years, breakthroughs have been made in the design of high-precision machine tools and precision motion mechanisms. Magnetorheological polishing liquid preparation, ion beam stabilization control, optical element sub-nanometer full frequency error control and other precision processing technologies. Under this background, precision machining manufacturers have passed many years, and our country's precision processing technology has finally broken The technical blockade of precision processing equipment in developed countries has made China a country that has the ability to independently process various precision parts after the United States, Germany, and Japan. According to statistics, there are a lot of well-developed companies, but through the Internet or foreign trade companies and other channels, we find some precision processing companies in our country to help them process externally. From this we can see that our domestic precision processing technology is recognized by the world and has reached Up to the world level.

While we are happy for the progress of domestic enterprises, we must be sober, we have reached the world standard high-level precision processing technology, but most of the equipment in our country engaged in this area is imported from other developed countries, especially It is German and Japanese machine tools, which are the main force in the precision parts processing industry in our country. Therefore, our colleagues who are making progress should not be numb and must recognize our own situation. Strive to be independent of anyone and strive to develop yourself.

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