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Analyze the machining efficiency of CNC lathes

 With the rapid development of the industry, the core machine is called the core CNC lathe, which can also be called the movable headstock CNC automatic lathe, the economical turning-milling compound machine tool or the slitting lathe. More and more companies have higher and higher precision requirements when they are producing concepts.

 At this time, traditional CNC lathes cannot meet this precision requirement. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of production, many companies They will go to the scheming machine manufacturer to buy the scalping machine, but before buying this kind of machine, you must fully understand its processing efficiency, so that you can determine whether this kind of machine can meet the production needs, let's take a look at it. Processing efficiency!

Machining efficiency:

For general walking machines, compared with traditional CNC lathes, its production efficiency is relatively high. In addition to improving the productivity of workers, it can also improve the precision of parts production, but the higher the precision The higher the price of the scheming machine, so when buying the scheming machine, you must consider the demand and economy. Only in this way can you buy a scheming machine that can truly meet the production needs of the enterprise and at an affordable price. In addition, if the precision requirements are not high when producing parts, then it is best to buy some cheap walking machine, because its work efficiency is not low, mainly because the precision may not be high, but it can also meet your production needs.

The choice of the brand:

Because the sales volume of scoring machines is very large, many companies and brands that produce scoring machines have been born in the market. For these different brands, the production efficiency of the scoring machines they produce is also different, and the quality of their own is also different, so when you buy the scoring machine, you must compare the different models of the ordinary brands. Being able to understand the pros and cons of each machine will be more convenient for later use or installation, but for most of the ancestors, as long as the product is genuine, then its production efficiency will be particularly high!

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