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What type of accessories is suitable for machining

 The core machine is a multifunctional turning-milling composite lathe that integrates the functions of a CNC lathe and a milling machine. It is generally used for the processing of precision and complex parts with a diameter of 36 or less.

The core machine with a back axis adopts a dual-spindle tool layout. The efficiency of the turret is more than twice as fast and can be formed at one time. 

The core walking machine and the oil film automatic feeder can realize the automatic production and processing of a single machine tool, and the automatic feeding conveyor line can realize the process from bar material to processing completion to sorting Automated process;

The turret machine generally can only move in one direction. The biggest difference between the turret machine and the core machine is that the core machine does not move the workpiece, while the turret machine does not move the workpiece. The turret machine is generally used to process castings or The processing of ordinary parts is also used to process hardware, and there is also a turret machine with a power head to achieve turning and milling combined processing. The core machine is generally used to process slender shaft parts and precision processing of complex parts. It is fast and relatively efficient. To be high.

Turning and milling compound processing has its own application fields and advantages. First, machining discontinuous surfaces can lead to intermittent cutting, such as machining various grooves and cleaning roots. In classic turning processing, this operation can generate impact loads that are not conducive to processing, resulting in poor surface quality and premature tool wear. In the combined turning and milling machining, the tool used is a milling cutter, and the milling itself is intermittent cutting with periodic load changes.

Go heart machining parts

Second, when the processed material is a long chip material. In turning processing, chip forming is difficult to deal with; finding a suitable chipbreaker for a turning tool is not so easy to complete. The milling cutter used in the combined turning and milling process produces short chips, which significantly improves the chip control.

Third, take the machining of crankshafts and spindles with eccentric journals as an example. In turning processing, the eccentric quality of workpieces such as crank journals and eccentric cams can lead to the generation of unbalanced forces and adversely affect the machining. Compound machining avoids such negative effects due to the low speed of the workpiece.


The introduction of turning and milling combined processing in manufacturing not only solves the processing problems but also greatly increases the output. Using relatively new processing methods, with suitable modern machine tools and correctly selected cutting tools, productivity will be greatly improved.

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