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The principle of CNC machining to achieve swiss machining

 With the increasing demand of people, the processing and manufacturing industries in the society are also emerging in endlessly, so there are various problems with the scheming machines purchased by some manufacturers in the production and processing industry. 

At the same time, many companies need to consider when they are responsible for purchasing. 

There are also various questions, such as how long is the service life of the walking machine? Is the probability of failure of the walking machine high? If you purchase a large number of scoring machines, how many years will it take, and so on, a series of questions, then what we need to understand is what kind of scoring machines have the longest service life, the best quality, and the most cost-effective? First of all, we must first know how to work with scheming.

Numerical control machining is a kind of precision processing equipment, which is mainly used for mass processing of precision hardware and shaft special-shaped non-standard parts. It uses a feeder to pass the bar through the pupil of the spindle, and the chuck automatically clamps it. If the part is overhanging, then it needs to be equipped with a center, but if the tail needs to be processed, it needs to be equipped with a second spindle.

If there are still four and six holes that need to be machined, the power tool holder and spindle indexing are required. And it is generally used to process small parts in bar materials, and the processing and production are large in batches. It uses two-axis arrangement of tools, which greatly reduces the processing cycle time. After shortening the gang tool and the opposite tool table This time must be the tool exchange time, and the spindle index function can be directly used when machining again, so that the idle time will be greatly reduced.

The machining of the centering machine is limited by the diameter of the material. At present, the largest machining diameter of the centering machine on the market is 38 mm. Generally, the largest type of CNC centering machine lathe is limited to processing 20 mm workpieces, such as those introduced by PTJ Precision Technology. The largest machining diameter of CNC walking machines from Japan's Nomura, Star, and Tsushang brands is φ25mm. The machining accuracy and processing speed of the parts processed by the core machine are unparalleled, because the processing advantages of the core machine are not realized by the conventional CNC lathe.

This is the principle of the current advanced numerical control walking machine. It not only brings an important role in the social economy, but also meets the needs of people in daily life.

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