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How to prolong the trouble-free time of core machining

 For factories that use walking machines for production and processing, the long trouble-free working time of mechanical equipment is to improve the efficiency of

production and processing, reduce equipment maintenance and replacement costs, and effectively promote the healthy development of the factory. 

So, how should the factory extend the trouble-free time of core machining? 

Here is a brief introduction to the measures.

If you want to extend the trouble-free time of the core machine processing, the factory must ensure that the core machine equipment does not appear unexpectedly during processing, and if the equipment does not fail during operation, the equipment operator must use the correct operation method. If the operation method is correct, the equipment can operate normally.

The factory prolongs the trouble-free time of the walking machine, and secondly, it needs to do the daily cleaning of the equipment. The operator of the equipment needs to clean and tidy up the equipment after the daily processing work is over to ensure that the equipment can be processed normally on the second day.

If you want to extend the trouble-free time of go heart machining, you also need a long service life of the equipment. The long service life of the equipment requires the factory to do the professional maintenance of the equipment. It not only requires correct operation and daily cleaning, but also requires the factory to arrange professional equipment maintenance personnel to conduct regular inspections of the equipment. In the event of a failure, timely overhaul.

What should I pay attention to during the machining process?

If you want the processing work to proceed smoothly, when the walking machine equipment is in the processing work, the staff needs to do their own work, and the operation of the matters must be carefully and carefully. So, what should be paid attention to in the process of walking core machining? Let's introduce it in detail below.

The staff must pay attention to the lubrication of the main shaft of the equipment during the machining of the core machine. The main shaft of the equipment is the prerequisite for the normal operation of the entire mechanical equipment, and the correct lubrication work can ensure that the main shaft has a normal working state. For walking machine equipment, the lubrication work requires special attention.

When performing low-speed core machining work, the lubrication of the spindle is mainly carried out with grease, and when the core machine performs high-speed machining work, the lubrication of the spindle needs to be carried out with oil mist. At the same time, when the main shaft of the equipment is lubricating, the operator needs to always pay attention to whether the friction condition and heat generation of the equipment is normal.

The operator of the equipment needs to do the inspection work during the machining process. The main objects of inspection are whether the electrical appliances of the walking machine are working normally, whether the cooling fan works normally, and whether the lubricating oil is sufficient. When the operator finds that there is an abnormal problem in the mechanical equipment, he must stop the processing work in time and perform maintenance on the equipment.

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